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5K Walk
Saturday, May 17th, 2014, 9:00 AM
Salem Lake Park
Winston-Salem, NC

 Malawi, located in East Africa, is one of the world’s poorest countries.  Struggling to meet even the most basic of human needs villagers must walk several miles each day to the nearest water source, which is often polluted and unsanitary. Amazingly, many of the thirsty villagers walk by a broken well every single day.  For decades, these people have been unable to repair the wells in their own neighborhoods.  

Sure Foundation Ministry works directly with locals to repair and maintain existing wells, which can provide entire villages with clean water.   They seek to empower the local population with the knowledge and resources to repair the wells and provide for themselves.

 This kind of partnership puts success and responsibility in the hands of the local people rather than simpy offering a handout.  This helps to strengthen the entire community. By providing for their own basic need of water, the people of Malawi are able to tackle more issues to better their lives such as: education, sanitation and hygiene, nutrition and more!

The average Malawian walks 3 miles each day just to collect clean water for their family to use.  Your 5K walk will help us raise money to change this daily reality forever.  All of the proceeds from the Walk for Water Africa 5K will go directly towards the important work of Sure Foundation Ministries.

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